Blind Date with a Book

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day? You may find love at the library by having a blind date with a book!

Stop at the Stanley Public Library to spice up your reading by checking out a book on display. You won’t be able to judge the book by its cover because the books are wrapped. You will be able to see the first line of the book printed on the wrapper, but you won’t know the name of your blind date until you get it home.

You’ll enjoy getting to know your blind date because there will be no uncomfortable questions, no awkward lulls in the conversation and no need to get dressed up. Your date could be a dud or you could end up having a great time with something you wouldn’t normally read.

Inside each gook is a “Rate Your Date” sheet. Fill out the sheet and return it to the library to be entered in a drawing for a prize, whether you loved the book or not. The sheet must be returned by February 24 and the drawing will be held on February 28.

A blind date with a book is sure to be a fun adventure! The event is open to patrons ages 16 and older, and is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.