Blind Date with a Book


Single?  In a relationship?  Married?  No problem!  During the month of February, stop at the Stanley Public Library and have a blind date with a book.

All you need to do is check out a book from the special display.  The eclectic assortment of books from a variety of genres will be wrapped so you won’t know the identity of your blind date until you get it home.  Will it be fiction, nonfiction, funny, informative or heart-breaking?  There is a chance you could be disappointed but you may have fun reading something you may have never ventured to read.

Inside each book will be a “Rate Your Date” card.  Fill out the card and return it to the library.  Don’t worry if you thought the book was a dud; your completed card enters you in a drawing for a prize!  The cards must be returned by February 27 and the drawing will be held February 28.

The “Blind Date with a Book” event is open to patrons ages 16 and older and is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Second Grade Library Visit


Mrs. Tronset’s second grade class visited the Stanley Public Library on Wednesday, January 25.  After a tour of the library, a story time was held.  A participation story was performed by the students and Valentine stories were read.  The class also had time to browse the bookshelves and play with the library’s games and puzzles.  The students then left with several library souvenirs and a free book for being the first class to visit the library in 2017!

Christmas Contest Winner


During December, the Stanley Public Library held a Holly Jolly Christmas Contest.  Kids were invited to view the Christmas box and guess the number of items inside.  Vince Meduna was the contest winner with a guess of 500.  The Christmas box held 467 items.  Matthew Bacor and Colter Fladeland also guessed 500 with Vince winning by a drawing.  Congratulations to all the entrants!

The contest was sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Holly Jolly Christmas Contest


Stop at the Stanley Public Library December 7-20 to view and guess the number of items in the Christmas box.  Guess correctly or be the closest and win the entire box!

The contest is open to ages 4-18 and one entry is allowed each day.  The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, December 21.  In case of a tie, the winner will be chosen by a drawing.

The contest is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.