National Library Week Winners

nlw18-social-media_10-compass-instagram-share-imageThe Stanley Public Library recently celebrated National Library Week with a variety of activities, including a drawing for children who visited the library during the week.

Grand prize winners, sponsored by Dakota Drug and Pinnacle, are:  Avery Ellis, Martin Heberlie, Savaeja Aune, Katy Roise, Aiden Meduna, Logan Neset, Jacob Anderson, Kolton Longmuir, Amelia Jackson, Adela Heberlie, Steven Chippewa, Laylah Wilson, Annie Roise, Jacob Sacro and Aurora Meiers.

Other prize winners are:  Griffin Wilson, Cooper Skarsgard, Ashley Ellis, Kaitlyn Tronset, Jessa Longmuir, Nora Brandt, Khloe McCormick, Henzlie Longmuir, Archie Jackson, Isabel Hurst, Jud Anderson, Max Jackson, Vada Dimick, Abby Wing, Lexi Neset, Maya Sacro, Zaelynn Aune, Laney Jackson, Jack Dimick, Isaak Longmuir, Hugh Jackson, Jessy Roise, Pierce Tronset, Ava Shold, Karley McCormick, Dakota Jackson, Logan Longmuir and Achaia Braddock.

Congratulations to all entrants for visiting the library during National Library Week!  Prizes may be picked up at the library.